Your own crawler aerial work platform

Interested in a crawler aerial work platform? Then you have come to the right place at Rhinox. Our certified 12-meter crawler aerial work platforms are of excellent quality and have been developed with the idea of providing the best possible solution for our customers. In addition, Rhinox is working hard on expanding our product range.

Crawler aerial work platform

About our crawler aerial work platforms

Quality and reliability are central to us. This is how we develop collective pride, both with our customers and within our team. This is also reflected in our machines. Rhinox’s crawler aerial work platforms are retractable. This means it is easier for you to spin in the same spot. The superstructure is only 20 centimetres above the tracks. In addition, our machines have a telescopic mast. This is extendable and requires less horizontal space than, for example, an articulated aerial work platform. 

De nieuwe rupshoogwerker van Rhinox

The RX12CS is ideal for steel construction, but also widely applicable for other projects. The aerial working platform excels in its flexibility and compact size. Because of its compact size, it is easy to transport and can be used in difficult-to-access locations.

✓ Ideal for use in confined spaces
✓ Suitable for many different sector
✓ Fast delivery of machines and parts


Working height

12,6 meters

Own weight

5500 kg



Capacity work cage

330 kg

Maximum turning range

2 x 90 degrees

Length and width

5,99 x 2,00

Low driving speed

1.1 km/h

Maximum angle of inclination

5 degrees

Floor height

10,6 meters

Maximum horizontal range

8,4 meters

Platform size

0,75 x 1,80 meters



Maximum turning range

360 degrees

Vertical range


High driving speed

2.8 km/h

Engine type

Kubota 3 cylinder Diesel Stage 5

About the RX12CS Aerial work platform

The RX12CS is only 2 meters wide and weighs 5,400 kg. Nevertheless, it still has a working height of 12.6 meters. This powerful telescopic aerial work platform can be used in any situation, even in locations that are inaccessible to other machines.

The RX12CS Aerial work platform: Powerful, flexible & compact

For every situation

Our crawler aerial work platforms are manoeuvrable, compact and robust. This makes them perfect for tight spaces. The mast is equipped with extra protection because safety is our top priority. The chains and the telescopic cylinder are placed in the mast. These components are normally placed on the mast. By placing them inside the mast, we make your work a lot safer.

De RX12CS rupshoogwerker

crawler aerial work platform

A unique crawler aerial work platform

Our crawler aerial work platform has a work tray of no less than 330 kg and is 180 cm by 80 cm in size. This allows you to work comfortably. The robust mast of our aerial work platforms reaches a working height of 12.6 meters. In addition to being compact and manoeuvrable, the machine also has a large reach. During the design phase, the technical aspects of our crawler lift were examined in detail. Our efforts have resulted in a unique aerial work platform in its weight and size class.

De RX12CS rupshoogwerker
  • about the RX12CS aerial work platform
  • about the RX12CS aerial work platform
  • about the RX12CS aerial work platform
  • about the RX12CS aerial work platform

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