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Rhinox strives to be a best-in-class manufacturer of compact and robust tracked aerial work platforms. To achieve this goal, an ambitious design and development process has been started. The best materials are used for this. Read the story behind Rhinox here.

About Rhinox


At Rhinox we look far ahead: the global OEM (original equipment manufacturer) is the dot on the horizon. You need the right people for this. The team consists of hard-working people who want to work together on something beautiful. Dutch sobriety, a critical eye and having a collective goal characterize the atmosphere within the company. Do what you promise and throw yourself in at the deep end to achieve this, only then will the end goal be reached.


Research & Development

Within Rhinox a lot of attention is paid to research & development. This means not only research and development of the product but also the professionalization of the internal organization. The approach is therefore always: if you do it, do it right. Process-based working and dealing with schedules are translated to all facets that have to do with the optimization of the organization.


Reliable & Stable

Not only our products but also our business processes and operations must comply with the most important standards. Obtaining and maintaining the correct certifications and markings, therefore, has a very high priority. We guarantee reliability and stability, both for our product and for our organization. In this way, both the customer and the employee have clarity. Only then can you work on something beautiful together.

Arjan Liefting

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