Powerful, flexible & compact

RX12CS Aerial work platform

The RX12CS is only 2 meters wide and weighs 5,400 kg. Nevertheless, it still has a working height of 12.6 meters. This powerful telescopic aerial work platform can be used in any situation, even in locations that are inaccessible to other machines.


Working height

12,6 meters

Own weight

5500 kg



Capacity work cage

330 kg

Maximum turning range

2 x 90 degrees

Length and width

5,99 x 2,00

Low driving speed

1.1 km/h

Maximum angle of inclination

5 degrees

Floor height

10,6 meters

Maximum horizontal range

8,4 meters

Platform size

0,75 x 1,80 meters



Maximum turning range

360 degrees

Vertical range


High driving speed

2.8 km/h

Engine type

Kubota 3 cilinder Diesel Stage 5


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Customer response

We replace the Hitachi HX99B with the Rhinox RX12CS since it has the same features and better performance. Our renting customers are also very satisfied!

Gert Jan van Ginkel

Van Ginkel Ltd.



Interested in a Rhinox telescopic aerial work platform? Request a quote now and receive a response today.

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