Welcome to Rhinox!

20 May 2020

Bij Rhinox wordt gewerkt aan een nieuwe hoogwerker

Welcome to Rhinox!

Based on years of experience in aerial work platforms and other lifting equipment, a new generation of aerial work platforms is being developed under the name Rhinox. Gert-Jan Verhoef and Matthijs van der Ham are at the helm. Matthijs has many years of experience in the manufacturing industry as a founder of Palfinger Boats, where lifting equipment for ships was built. Gert-Jan has a background in the banking world and as the director of several trading companies in shares and derivatives. Combined, there is a lot of international experience and the capabilities to work data-driven and analytical.

Rhinox strives to bring the best aerial work platforms up to 12 meters on the market. To achieve this, a lot of attention is paid to research and development and we plan far ahead. Through the news items on our website, we are happy to take you in on all developments. Do you always want to be up to date with the latest news within the company? Then sign up now for our newsletter.

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